About Us

We are a fashion and beauty house based in Toronto, Canada.  Our aim is to curate and provide to you, the modern woman with everything that you need to look good from head to toe.  For whatever mood you’re in, we cater to the elegant, sexy, low-key cool and kick-ass individuals.  Our vision for Maison 6ix is to be a community and hub for global fashion, highlighting Canadian fashion along the way.  We’re always on the lookout for new local designers to collaborate with.  Are you a designer?  Let us host your next event, launch party or pop up shop!

We are the innovators for Smart Shop, the ultimate VIP shopping experience.  This is where you get to browse what different brands have in stock, in-store or online, bringing it to one location. We do the hard work of finding your items, ordering it in and getting everything ready! All your dream outfits in one changeroom just for you!


Founders of Maison6ix
from left to right: Tanya, Juness & Chance

Maison 6ix was originally founded by Juness Rulloda in 2014 before connecting and collaborating with the talents of Tanya Warner and Chance Jordan.

Omne trium perfectum!

It’s the latin phrase for the rule of three which translates to everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete.  We have three different minds contributing to the unique attitude of Maison 6ix.  All of us have different styles, so it really gives our customers a variety of clothing to choose from.  We are taking it next level to really evoke the spirits and mindsets of strong, confident women whose look itself screams “Watch me!” Without even peeping a word.

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